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Chair’s Opening Remarks


Keynote Panel Discussion

Creating Value Your Way - Finding the Right In-House Strategy to Suit Your Portfolio and Resources

  • Integrating value creation teams and partners into the wider firm and discussing their role in due diligence and deal-making processes
  • Building the right internal structures to facilitate value creation to suit your portfolio and investment strategy
  • Finding a balance between hands-off and hands-on involvement in the management of your portfolio in the current market environment
  • Discussing value creation tactics in the light of alternative approaches and longer-term horizons
  • Varied needs - Assessing the impact of the economic backdrop on internal hiring decisions and supplementing missing expertise through in-house advisors or external experts

Georg Ganghofer, Head of Investments, Brockhaus Capital Management AG

Philipp Kienzler, Director – Portfolio Support, Paragon Partners

André Perwas, Partner and Co-Head of Advanced Services, Capvis

Andros Payne, Managing Partner, Humatica

Florian Muth, Managing Director, Aurelius


Panel Discussion

Discussing the Challenges and Opportunities of Generalist and Specialised Value Creation

  • Does the current economic climate favour investment into certain industries as they allow for more sustainable value creation?
  • Specialist or generalist - Creating internal value creation structures to suit your investment strategy
  • Pulling the right levers - Organic and strategic growth strategies and their varied viability in different sectors
  • Discussing the evolution of value creation priorities across sectors - from pricing and procurement, to international expansion and technological transformation

Andreas Spiegel, Founder and Managing Partner, DRS Investment

Michael Petersen, Managing Partner, Cross Equity Partners

Giovanna Maag, Partner, Altor Equity Partners

Andreas Gold, Director, 3i

Joakim Lundvall, Partner, Nordic Capital


Case Study Presentation

heidelpay - Achieving Transformative Value Creation from Due Diligence to Exit

  • Setting priorities for value creation early - Where to focus to maximise results and achieve lasting growth
  • Paving the way to long-term value through innovative techniques and collaboration with management teams
  • Identifying and utilising core capabilities of an investment to expand product offerings and spearhead innovation
  • Sharing lessons learned

Tassilo Arnhold, Managing Director, AnaCap Financial Partners


Coffee and Networking Break


Case Study Presentation

Creating Value through Buy-and-Build from Sourcing to Post-Merger Integration

  • Assessing and utilising consolidation opportunities presented by add-ons in a fragmented market
  • Supplementing expertise and product offering through strategic add-ons
  • Managing post-merger integration from operations processes, to human capital and company culture

Carsten Rahlfs, Managing Partner, Waterland


Panel Discussion

A Powerful Strategy - Discussing the Rising Prevalence of Buy and Build Strategies

  • Finding the best tactic to identify and originate the right add-on/buy and build targets
  • Assessing company maturity and needs pre- and post-merger to maximise value creation
  • Finding the right talent in-house and within your platform company to manage the M&A process
  • Succeeding with synergy realisation while managing integration post-merger
  • Strategic add-ons as drivers of international expansion and product diversification
  • Assessing the role of buy-and-build in value creation strategy for primary vs. secondary investments

Dr. Carsten Rahlfs, Managing Partner, Waterland

Henrik Onne Bodenstab, Partner, Trilantic Europe

Manuel Hertweck, Managing Partner, Capiton


Roundtable Discussions

  • Enabling Value Creation through the Right Refinancing Structures
  • Managing Turnaround Situations
  • Discussing the Value Upside from Pricing
  • Acquiring and Retaining Talent throughout the Company Structure
  • Creating Value from Carve-Outs



​Academic Presentation

Understanding Family Businesses for Successful Value Creation

Dr. Marcel Hülsbeck, Academic Director, University Witten/Herdecke


​Panel Discussion

Family Matters - The Ins and Outs of Investment Into and Working With Family Businesses

  • Building relationships early to facilitate efficient and sustainable value creation alongside founders and management teams
  • Discussing succession planning and setting investments up for long-term success
  • Owner-managed to corporate - Building management team structures in traditionally owner-managed spaces
  • Private equity as an entrepreneurial partner - Collaboration as a key value creation lever
  • Shaping the workspace of the future in the transformative time “after” owner-management

Jürgen von Wendorff, Member of the Executive Board, Hannover Finanz

Andreas Bösenberg, Managing Director, NORD Holding

Matthias Tabbert, Partner, HQ Equita


​CEO Experience Panel

A Change of Pace - Discussing the Experience of PE-Backed Management Teams

  • Working with PE-investors throughout the investment cycle and value creation process
  • Adjusting to altered reporting expectations both pre-, and post-deal
  • Discussing the role of third parties in communications between management team and PE-house
  • Lessons learned from working with PE-houses and sharing key things private equity should know about working with family businesses

Chair: Dr. Albert Geiger, Managing Partner, AlphaZirkel

David Hoeflmayr, Former CEO, Thomas Krenn AG

Dr. Christian Schiede, Managing Partner, SHP Advisors


Expert Presentation

Building the Workspace of the Future - Human Capital, Skills Shortages and Generational Shifts in Portfolio Company Workforces

  • A change in the workforce - Obtaining and retaining the right talent for sustainable business growth
  • Assessing the impact of modern employment expectations on value creation - Remuneration trends, co-working, flexitime and beyond
  • Co-developing human capital strategies early to achieve sustainable value
  • Leadership, talent development and organisational culture as crucial growth drivers


Coffee and Networking Break


Panel Discussion

Future-proofing your Portfolio - Transforming Business Models and Integrating Technology Along the Entire Value Chain

  • Exploring the different challenges and opportunities offered by digital transformation in traditional industries and digitally mature sectors
  • All about the timing - Mitigating risks caused by rapid evolution of digital ecosystems and making the right choices in your digitalisation strategy
  • Analogue-to-digital - Establishing a baseline and integrating digital transformation in existing processes to achieve cohesive growth
  • Exploring opportunities offered by digital strategies in turnaround situations and analogue-to-digital buy and build

Marcus Brans, Head of Communications and Member of Digital Group, Triton

Dominic Faber, Founding Partner, KKA Partners

Staffan Mörndal, Partner, Verdane Capital

Roland Dennert, Managing Partner, Cipio Partners


Panel Discussion

To New Shores - Creating Value through International Expansion in Europe and Beyond

  • Understanding and preparing for regulatory requirements and competitive sets abroad
  • Utilising international growth as a means of retaining specialism while achieving significant growth
  • Discussing the challenges of internationalising local businesses and finding the right tactic for successful international market diversification
  • Establishing market share in new environments through tailored tactics in marketing, sales and more
  • Mitigating cultural differences - The pros and cons of hiring local market talent

Dr. Ingo Krocke, CEO and Managing Partner, AUCTUS Capital Partners

Inna Gehrt, Head of German Office, Mandarin Capital Partners

Andreas Kumeth, Principal, PAI Partners

Matthias Fink, Principal, Riverside Europe


Chair’s Closing Remarks and End of Conference


Drinks Reception

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